A proper onboarding is key to user activation. Mozza helped Frichti set the right strategy and UX for their application in order to engage their users on day 1.




3 weeks


Product Strategy, UX Design



Frichti is one of the French leading food-delivery startup.

Thanks to the quality of its food and marketing strategy, the company raised 43m€ in funding from the best VCs to compete with Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Such funding enabled them to invest significantly on paid acquisition; but acquisition is worthless if users don’t convert into customers. How to engage new users into ordering food on their 1st day with the app? We got our challenge.

step one

Idea Rain

We ran brainstorming sessions in order to come up with 15+ creative ideas that would improve the conversion rate. We prioritized these ideas based on their technical feasibility and potential of success, and designed UX prototypes of the best 3. Check them out!

step two


Then we designed UX prototypes of the best 2. One of them was implemented by Frichti’s product team.


Implemented Solution

Finally, the team implemented the second strategy, Offer Simplification, which helps new users make their first choice.

"The Mozza team knew how to understand our issues very quickly and propose ambitious, consumer centric, disruptive and pragmatic solutions."

Quentin Vacher

CEO of Frichti

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