Mobile Growth is a science

Mozza is a team of designers, growth marketers and data scientists passionate about mobile applications and Italian food. We help promising startups increase user growth exponentially, with a focus on user activation, user retention and virality.

In the last 3 years, we helped 20+ startups from the best accelerators.

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"The Mozza team is the right one to help you boost your growth."
Rhai Goburdhun
CEO at Sounds (8M users)
"Regarding growth strategies of mobile apps, I think Adrien is among the best experts in Europe."
Alexandre Jubien
ex Head of mobile at Deezer
"Pretty impressed by Maxime’s ability to form a relevant product strategy out of some intuitions we had!"
Antoine Martin
CEO Zenly (acquired by Snapchat)
"Mozza helps startups create kick-ass products and they do it right!"
Hamza Ouazzani Chahdi
CEO at Spot Angels (YC)
"Adrien and Maxime form a growth/design duo of rare quality. I'd recommend them to any mobile startup willing to improve their product."
Kevin Kuipers
Cofounder & Head of Product at (3M users)
"Adrien did a great job helping us define our product & growth strategy. Highly recommended!"
Paul Duan
President at Bayes Impact (YC)